QCC 500 - Ultrasonic Level 2

Course Description:

QCC 500 is designed to further the technician's knowledge in the field of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) method upon completion of the UT Level 1 course within the Non Destructive Testing (NDT)/Non Destructive Examination (NDE) industry. Knowledge of Ultrasonic testing is considered fundamental to the inspection of volumetric discontinuities and thickness measurements. This course covers advanced principles and applications of UT through a series of lectures and labs. The student will further develop skills in following and writing written procedures. The course will cover both the theoretical and practical components necessary to meet the requirements of NRCan and CAN/CGSB-48.9712.


Supporting documentation of the following must be submitted with your registration form in order to be registered for the Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 training course:

  • Proof of age (e.g., copy of photo ID, drivers license, or a passport).
  • Successful completion of a Materials and Processes course or an exam from an NRCan RTO.
  • Successful completion of an NDT Math course or an exam from an NRCan RTO.
  • Successful completion of a UT Level 1 training course within the last 10 years or show a valid UT Level 1 CGSB certification in the method.

**Registrants must meet all perquisites before the registration will be completed.


Students are required to bring the following with them to class:

  • Scientific calculator, pens, pencils, and a ruler.
  • Closed toed shoes and pants are required for lab work.
Course Materials:

All student manuals, text books, and handouts will be provided on the first day of the course.

Classroom Hours:

Unless otherwise notified, classes are 8:00-16:30 Monday-Friday.


Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 training course certificates will be issued to each student that successfully completes the course. Attendance will be recorded daily and in order to successfully pass the course, students must receive a grade of ≥70%.

For further information, go to the NRCan website.

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The UT sets in both locations are Epoch 650s with each student having their own set and calibration blocks.